"In 1463 Antonio Caldora, forseeing the unlucky outcome of the fight against the king, before being attacked in the castle of Vasto, withdrew with his men to Riparella (Civitaluparella), a strong and inexpugnable castle, in an area close by, leaving his brother-in-law Raniero di Lagni to defend Vasto. Attacked while in Civitaluparella, he was able to deceive the enemy, and withdrew with his men; he sent his son Restaino to negotiate his surrender with the king, but it was exactly then that he was made prisoner and taken to the castle of Aversa. However, the king freed him, because he had been captured while negotiations were taking place. in the meantime, Civitaluparella was surrendering to the king, who offer Caldora and his wife and children an honorable life in Naples. However Antonio, with the excuse of needing thermal baths in Baia, managed to obtain leave from his forced stay, and went to Rome, then to Fermo, and then ended up living and finally dying in misery in Jesi."