Summon to appear at a court case

The year one thousand nine hundred and twenty eight - year VI - August 31, in Fallo.
Following the petition of Messrs. Castracane Raffaele and Francesco Mariano, residents of Fallo.
I, underwritten Court Clerk of Fallo, where I live, have been assigned to this case: I have summoned Mariano Francesco di Vincenzo, domiciled and living in Fallo, to appear before the Judge of Villa S. Maria, for the civil hearing on September 4, 1928, at 9 o'clock, for the continuance, and to hear the final deliberation on the merit and court expenses for the case between the disputing parties, originally submitted on March 31, 1928.
It is declared that the expert Mr. Mosca has submitted his report in Court and that a decision of the case has been reached.
Except for any other right, action or reason.

I have brought and personally delivered a copy of this document, prepared and signed by me, to the residence and domicile of Mr. Mariano Francesco di Vincenzo in Fallo.

The Court Clerk Arbitrator
G. Di Sciullo