The year 1861 in Naples today the 1st day of September of 1861. I the underwritten Vincenzo Castracane fu Luigi declare in my own handwriting in the presence of the underwritten literate witnesses of the Comune of Fallo, province of Chieti, passing by in Naples, to possess, among my other properties, a parcel of cultivated land of about 7 Misure in the above Comune of Fallo, province of Chieti, of paternal property in the Comune of Fallo, in the section called Capolaselva, bordering with Alessandro del fu Loreto Castracane...and the heir of Berardino De Lollis, .. with Don Leone De Lollis and the trench with running water between Taddeo Castracane and Vincenzo Castracane, and to meet my needs, I want to sell the above mentioned land of 7 Misure to Mr. Antonio Castracane fu Marco Castracane of the mentioned Comune for the agreed price of 9 ducati. The above mentioned Antonio Castracane agreeing to the purchase of the mentioned parcel of land for the above mentioned price, for the repeated sum of 9 ducati in good silver money which was counted and accepted by the seller Vincenzo Castracane fu Luigi Castracane who is happy and satisfied and who from this very moment will give possession of the above mentioned land, freely and without option of buyback, (giving) the legal possession to the buyer Castracane (who will pay) the real estate tax--------For the protection of the buyer and the parties the present (document) is drafted

and Vincenzo Castracane sells freely and has received and accepted as above (stated).
Vincenzo Castracane fu Luigi
I, Ruggiero Di Sciullo, witness
I, Lorenzo Di Vito, witness