The year one thousand eight hundred sixty two, June 30, in Fallo-
Before me, the writer, and the undersigned witnesses, Costanzo Di Sciullo fu Giovanni of the above mentioned Comune has declared of owning with full title of ownership a property used as a vegetable garden in a section called Sotto le Case of about 1 misura, bordering with the heirs fu Lorenzo Di Sciullo, today Domenico, with Leonardo Schieda, and the public road. Costanzo Di Sciullo plans to sell freely and without agreement of buyback the so described and bordered small property to Mr. Antonio del fu Marco Castracane of the above mentioned Comune for the equitable price of 30 carlini. The mentioned Antonio Castracane accepts the purchase of this parcel of land orally, pays in cash the amount mentioned of 30 carlini in silver, checked and accepted by the seller Di Sciullo with his full satisfaction, and therefore from this moment he transfers all legal rights (of ownership of the land) to the buyer Castracane. For the protection of the buyer D. Antonio Castracane, this document was drafted, and the seller Di Sciullo accepts the responsibility to protect him from eviction (loss of property because of legal liens) should any problem come up. And for the protection-
S.(-ign) of the C.(-ross) of Costanzo Di Sciullo who has received and accepts as above(stated)
Sabatino Castracane, present witness
Luigi De Lollis, witness
Leone De Lollis, writer and witness