Note for registration

In favor of Mariano Francesco di Vincenzo, farmer born and residing in Fallo----
Against Castracane Raffaele fu Mariano, teamster, born and residing in Fallo-----
With document drafted by Dr. Cav. Francesco Castracane, notary, residing in Villa Santa Maria, on June 18, 1927 (V year) and registered on July 1927 on N.11 by which it is stated that Castracane Raffaele is owner of a house on the fourth floor in Colle Rosso Street in the town of Fallo, in an unreported land deed, the east wall of which has been raised on the common wall of the house owned by Mariano Francesco, after the latter asked Raffaele Castracane to use this above mentioned wall as a common wall on which to lean a new construction.-----
With this agreement, Castracane Raffaele, for the agreed and paid price of 746.79 lire allows the accepting Mariano Francesco to lean the new construction on the east wall of his house in Colle Rosso Street in Fallo, on the whole wall itself which will become common to both.----