This object has been already mentioned in the section of the site dedicated to cooking (see "LI MACCARUNE A LA CHITARRA"), but perhaps, for its peculiarity, it is worth talking of it in a more detailed manner.

It is because of its function, that in the dialect the object is called "maccarunare" (macaroni maker) and, moreover, the manner of obtaining the typical long and square pasta simply from the rolled dough, confirms its name.

The rolled dough, cut in rectangular strips about 60 centimeters long and 20 centimeters wide, is placed lengthwise on the "strings of the guitar" and pushed through with the rolling pin.

There are various models of the "guitars". The one shown here in the picture, is perhaps one of the finer models, since it has also the "keys" necessary to regulate the string tension (on the right of the photo).

This object, although it belongs to the old rural traditions, is easily found today, even though not everyone has any longer the time to prepare homemade pasta.