This is an object that was never absent in the families of the Abruzzo region. Together with "lu maniere" (copper ladle which, in the photo, we see hanging from the rim of the conca ) it represented one of the most widely used objects of the household.

It was usually used as a water container, but it could also be used to contain other liquids.

For convenience, it was usually placed near the entrance door so that anyone entering could use the water contained in it. In times when hygiene left a lot to be desired, it seemed that no one was upset by the fact that anyone that came in would drink from the same "maniere" and then would plunge it back into the same water of the conca.

Many people have a very vivid image of the women who came back from the fountains ("Lacarielle" or "Fumbruate") carrying on their heads the conche full of water while they held children by the hands without dropping not even a drop of the very precious liquid.