Apparently there is no term in Italian that corresponds to the dialect term "lu tr¨fele".

This clay object was used by the farmers, long ago, to carry drinking water to the fields. Naturally it could also contain wine, but the latter was usually saved to be drunk in the evening, at the end of a long day's work.

Of modest dimensions, this container was completely sealed, with three holes in the top and with as many spouts from which the liquid poured out.

Being of clay, it easily broke and in some of the cellars and attics of Fallo one can still find some of them patched with cement or plaster.

When the elderly speak of their lives in the fields, they often refer to the "tr¨fele", well hidden in the shades of branches to keep its content cool: for them who worked hard, even in the middle of the summer under the sun, this was the only source of relief.