We have already alluded to the "pizzelle" and to the related "iron" (lu fierre) in the pages of this site dedicated to the Abruzzo cooking, but the pictures give a better idea of the object in question.

The most complex part in the preparation of the "pizzelle" (or neole) which, we remember, are typical sweets from Abruzzo, is no doubt the preparation of the dough which is then cooked by placing it on the preheated iron which is then closed.

Made in cast iron, the "iron" is still easily found today in shops which specialize in typical objects from the Abruzzo region, and with modern techniques they have even created some electric models.

The "iron" shown below is of old style, and naturally, it was of the type which was heated on embers. The design on the inner faces is usually standardized and is similar to that shown in details in the photo.

Many years ago, the "iron" was even given in dowry, or given as a gift to the newlyweds since it was considered a very special object. That it was particularly precious, is indicated by the fact that, often the initials of the owner were placed in the central rhombus of the design, as in the case of the one represented in the photo.