I was born in Fallo in February of 1954; my father was Carmine Di Sciullo di Benedetto (di "li Trianise"), and my mother Elena Mariano di Domenico (di "Duminicantonie").

My family and I moved out of town way back in 1959. Although I was very small, I still have very vivid memories of that parting moment and I have no problems admitting that that episode has resurfaced in my memory throughout my life, bringing sadness with it. Luckily I live close enough to go back often to Fallo, and this has allowed me, through the years, to mitigate the bitterness of that forced goodbye. The love of my family and of dear ones has done the rest.

I completed my studies focusing my interests on literary subjects, despite having to going through the rigid discipline of "Liceo Scientifico".

I have carried out many activities in the course of my life, and gone through many professional fields. The acquisition of foreign languages while at University has enabled me often to live and work abroad, where I spent years in the course of my life. After an initial position held at The French Tourist Board, and working many years in finance companies (Renault), banks (Barclays) and public administration (State Auditors' Department) I have finally attained a status as freelance, not without difficulties, a profession which I carry out at Embassies and Consulates, mostly as interpreter.

I love sports, and I have recently fulfilled my dream of attending a course in paragliding, successfully achieving a greatly desired certificate.

My character and the unconditioned love for my roots have always allowed me to filter life's events (be they happy or painful) through the teachings of that age-old wisdom that the persons who so dearly belong to my childhood have instilled in my soul leaving me, though unaware of it, with what may be the most precious of heritages. Because of my gratefulness to them, I consider the possibility to "work" with Gianni on the Fallo site to be providential: it is the opportunity to truly keep alive an antique world which is common to so many of us and which, re-emerging from the past, still caresses and excites us, stretching beyond oceans and continents.

I've known Gianni since my earliest childhood (our mothers would take us up to Carrusce, holding our hands while we learnt our first steps) and this age-old friendship makes it even more enjoyable to work together on a project which, we hope, may become a pastime for many.
Though we have maintained the principle of interchangeability, we feel it is more appropriate to divide the work according to our individual traits. For this reason I am mostly involved with the dictionary of terms in dialect, etymology, phraseology, retracing and restoring photographic material, tales, curiosities in general etc. My most heartfelt thanks go to everybody who has written to me to express their appreciation and to encourage us.

Keep on writing (even privately) to send your suggestions or material to be published.




I am the last son of Francesco Mariano of Vincenzo (di Zucchere) and of Rosa Lucia Castracane of Vincenzo (di Viccicocche).

Needless to say, I was born in Fallo, in November of 1953, and I lived there until September of 1964, when I moved to Rome with my family.

I have many interests. My love of sports has allowed me to attain, in 1981, a black belt in judo, first dan (instructor and referee) and for the past six years I have been spending my efforts in athletics: I have taken part not only in many minor competitions, but also in several marathons of high importance in sports.

I am married to a woman who also comes from Fallo, and I have a daughter.

The hectic city life, with a lifestyle that's so different from the one of my native town, has made absolutely no change in my appreciation of the town: its habits, the healthy air, the scents and everything good that I've acquired throughout childhood.

I still go back to Fallo every year, when my work commitments allow me to, as I always have ever since I left, because certain feelings are still alive within me.

My studies in the technical field have resulted in a more in-depth acquisition of computer sciences (my current field of work) and in my creating this site knowing that it is a pleasure to those who, such as me, are nostalgic for their town of birth, especially those residing abroad.
In carrying out this activity, I am affectionately aided by Benedetto Di Sciullo, my first playmate, as well as "fellow traveler" in various events that took place throughout our adolescence.
The substantial difference in temperament does not interfere with the intense passion that we both hold for our roots and for the life experiences that we went through together in the countryside and among the houses of our hometown.
Our mutual, deep knowledge of each other has enabled us to quickly define a work plan to obtain satisfactory results as fast as possible, results which, judging from the feedback we get, seem to be appreciated by visitors to the Site.

We have both dedicated work to all the pages, even though, for obvious reasons, each of us focuses more attention on certain topics rather than others.

I am personally responsible for all the material relative to the history, to the oral traditions (proverbs, rhymes, etc.) for retracing the etymology of nicknames, for the more "folkloristic" areas of the site, which go from the cooking traditions, to the traditions in Abruzzo, going from the "findings in the attic" to the collection of personal stories which appear in the area dedicated to narrative.

I'd like to take the opportunity not only to thank all those who have written to express their appreciation, but also to remind everyone that it is possible to send material to be published, using either one of the two addresses which appear on the Homepage.

Once again, my most heartfelt thanks and.enjoy!