Nicknames were widely used in Fallo and they were generally pragmatic, but also serious, scurrilous, cruel, and always vibrant and colorful. For the sake of some organization they have been listed in four groups. Their common use never implied malice. The original vulgar connotation of some of them had been lost in their everyday usage. The lovers of Fallo who have a sense of humor may read this list, laugh, and even evoke cherished memories. This was the intent of the compilation of this list. Those who have no sense of humor should stop here and read no further.
GROUP 1: these were the nicknames that apparently derived from a name of a past or recent member of a family. Some may have been used only to refer to a specific member of a family. Others were used to identify anyone that belonged to that family (e. g.: Vincenze di Angilantonie, this was Vincenzo Catinella of the "clan" of Angelo Antonio, people of that family were referred to as "chille di Angelantonie", those of the family of Angelo Antonio).
GROUP 2: these were the nicknames given to people who lived in Fallo but came from other towns or regions.
GROUP 3: the nicknames alluded to physical characteristics or other traits, real or perceived of the individual or family. Again it should be pointed out that no malice and vulgarity were ever associated with these nicknames.
GROUP 4: the nicknames in this group are nonsensical or with no apparent meaning attached to them. Their origin is unknown, any connotation would be vague or conjectural at best.