In the last summer of 2005 the weather is not been very good: it was unsure, rainy and cold. But the adverse climatic conditions have not restrained the enthusiasm with which holidaymakers come back from the towns and in spite of the bad time which has prevented the development of the usual night entertainings of the days of holiday, have been organized three singing evenings in the context of a "Fallese song festival" created for the opportunity. It is the first in the history of our country and we hope that at this initiative will follow others to offer everybody a new summer entertainment appointment. The competitors at the singing competition were well assorted: adults, children, fallesi and someone of neighbouring countries. The winner has been a participant of Civitaluparella to which, obviously, go our congratulations.
The following photos are not of the better ones but they constitute anyway a proof and we offer them to you with the promise to organize us more adequately for next year.
The events