The passage is taken from "CREDENZE USI E COSTUMI ABRUZZESI" by Gennaro Finamore.


According to popular beliefs, what are the spots on the moon's face?

They are bovine feces - 'na cacate di vacche' - (Roccascalegna).

Arguing between them, the sun threw a shovel of bovine feces at the moon's face (Ari, S. Eusanio del Sangro).

The devil, seeing how beautiful the world was, to spite the Creator, threw a shovel of bovine feces at the moon's face. (Lanciano)

Bertoldo (Bertóleche, Brettóleche) - Marcolfo (Marcolfe, Marcófele) with a bundle of thorn bushes on his back. This thief was transported to the moon by a mysterious power. With a bundle of thorn bushes he was trying to cover the face (of the moon) the light of which prevented him from going around stealing at will (Vasto,Tornareccio, S. Giovanni Lipioni, Torricella Peligna).

The spots are the eyes, the nose, and the mouth of Bertóleche carried to the moon (Atessa).

The moon's spots are Marcarélije - Marcus Aurelius - (Palena, Roccaraso).

They are Adam and Eve, when it is full moon, one can clearly see that they are a man and a woman nude. To punish them for their sins, Jesus Christ makes them wander lost on the moon. They carry in their hands a bundle of thorn bushes (Caramanico, Chieti, Popoli, Pescina, Celano, S. Pelino, Aquila...).

They represent Cain, behind a large branch of thorns. Having committed fratricide, Cain hid himself. But he was condemned by God to stay on the moon, so that everybody would see him; in vain he carries with him a large branch of thorns, he cannot hide (Pietracamela).

The popular traditions of Abruzzo