From the half of the years forty was introduced on the market the DDT (Dichloro Diphenyl Trichloroethane) used for the insects as the Anopheles mosquito (the cause of the malaria) and for the agriculture. To defeat flies and mosquitoes it was the ideal, the DDT was exterminating they, but no one knew well the heavy collateral effects.
To Fallo the flies have always been and in the summer in the house they keep company to you at any time of the day and of the night and decorating the furnishings with their tracks. The coming of DDT (called onomatopoeically "flit") was the solution to this troublesome problem and the people was doing a thoughtless use of it. Usually it was sprayed in big amount at home after closing the doors and the windows and having had (but not always) the shrewdness to make go out all the members of the family. - You gone out outside because I must give a little bit of DDT - was the sentence used as a warning signal before filling the poison habitation. Sometimes was happening to get back home while the product was committing his insect slaughter and to be assailed by the pungent perfume of the product that was entering in your nostrils risking to make you swoom. In this case you can finish with the insects died that was covering the floor.
The following photos represent one of the latest models of distributor of the "flit". The advertising inscriptions on the distributor, like "a perfume for the house" and "the atomic bomb for the insects" are certainly interesting. Is undoubted that the DDT was almost an atomic bomb, but that it was an atomic bomb not only for the insects was, unfortunately, only disclosed much later.
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