The exact date of the draft of this document is unknown, but surely it goes back to 1870. It is a copy of the deed of some parcels of land in Fallo, and where for each of them are indicated the income and the name of the owner and some additional annotations. Towards the end of the second page there is also the total size of the listed parcels of land (Tomoli 14.02) and, on the right bottom, the phrase "Transfer done in 1870". The document is written in a small handwriting probably to save paper (precious at the time). At the bottom of the second page are listed many annotations not related to the copy of the deed itself. Of particular interest are the names of the locations of these parcels of land. Many of these locations are known, some much less and which probably today are even unknown. Below we list some of the more interesting with their names in dialect in parentheses.
Brecciara (Li Vricciare);
Capo la Selva (Cape la Selve);
Cicociarra (Cichiciarre);
Colle della Croce (Colle di la Croce);
Cortinalunga (Curtinalonghe);
Ficonera (Fichenèreche);
Fontana (La Fonte);
Fonte Bernardo;
Fonte del Sorcio (Fonte di lu Sorge);
Fonte di Laccio (Funtrillìeccie);
Fonte Murato (Fumbruate);
Fosso delle Lame (Fuosse di la Lame);
Fosso di Colle Brecciara (Fuosse di Colle Vricciare);
La piana (La Plane);
La righe (La Rije);
La selva (La Selve);
Le lame (Li Lieme);
Le scosse;
Le serre (Li Serre);
Pazzarone (Pazzirone);
Piana del prete (Plane di lu Prete);
Pianetta Iannetta;
Sotto l'orto (Sott'all'uorte);
Valle del Prato.
Interesting is also the column in which is indicated the use of the land (indicated in the document with the term "Cultivation"):
Olive trees;
Vegetable garden, not irrigated;
Oak grove;
Finally, for those who seek the challenge of descent and genealogical trees, and perhaps even the discovery of being land owners, there is the column of the "first and last names of the old owners" (literally in the text). Good luck!
Castracane Giacinto;
Castracane Giovanni;
Castracane Lodovico;
Catinella Domenico;
Catinella Francesco;
De Lollis Concezio;
Di Sciullo Domenico;
Di Sciullo Ruggero (Rugiero nel testo);
Di Sciullo Vincenzo di Domenico;
Di Sciullo Zaccaria;
Di Vito Mauro;
Mariano Berardino;
Mariano Croce Giuseppe;
Mariano Donatantonio;
Mariano Nicolangelo;
Mariano Vincenzo di Gennaro;
Mariano Vincenzo di Giovanni;
Rosato Angelo.
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