This ancient camera, found in the drawer of an old chest of drawers of a house of Borgo Valle Vecchia, was certainly considered as an object of high quality.
It is a Kodak camera whose date of manufacture is not detectable.
For his old possessor the affective value of this object was certainly much higher than that commercial value which a connoisseur could give it today.
From more or less fragmentary information gathered by the owners of the house in which the object has been found, the camera seems to have been bought in United States where his possessor was gone to look for work.
Even though the object is not very new, it is working almost perfectly and would certainly be interesting to try to do some photo to see the results.
A thing is sure: the camera must have done many photos of epoch considering that, in emigration times, the photos were the only manner to leave at home a memory of who was leaving.
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