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One day a man who owned a lot of land realized that even with the help of his wife and son he could not finish all the work in the fields.
Nu juorre, n'ome chi tineve tante terre, vidette ca, pure si zi faceve aiutuà da la moglie e da lu figlie, nin ci la faceve a fa tutti li lavore di la campagne.
He then decided to pay a helper he could trust with the care of his vineyard, which was very large.
Pigliette allore la dicisione di pagà n'aiute pi fàreje accutì la vigne chi era tanta grosse.
Since he didn't trust anybody and was afraid that people would steal his grapes, he had to look for a long time before he found someone suitable for the job. Siccome però nin zi fidieve di nisciune e aveve paure chi i zonne cuglieve l'uve, avette circà pi tanta tiempe, prime di truvà cocchedune chi ive buone pi isse.
Finally, after a long time, came a young man, a little dumb but a good worker.
Finalmente, doppe tante, zi prisintette nu giuvinitte, na 'nzegne sceme, ma chi ere nu gruosse lavuratore.
The first day, when the young man came to work, the man gave him many instructions, but since the most important thing for him was that the young man should not eat his grapes which were almost ready to be picked, he told him several times not to touch the grapes because he would give him plenty of food for the whole day. Lu prime juorre, quanna lu giovene zi prisintette a lu lavore, l'ome i facette tante raccumandaziune, ma, siccome i 'nteressave di chiù ca lu giuvinitte nin zi magnesse l'uve chi ere quase pronte pi la vinnegne, z'ariccummannette chiù di 'na volte a nin tuccuà li griespe picchè pi magnè ni tineve sficiente pi tutta la jurnate.
In fact he gave him a bundle with cheese, slices of bread, and a bottle of wine. The young man told the owner not to worry and left for the fields. I dette, 'mpatte, 'na mappatelle nchi 'na 'nzegne di casce, ddu felle di pane e 'na buttigliette di vine. Lu giovene i dicette di nin prioccupàreze e zi ni jette 'ncampagne.
In the middle of the day the man paid a visit to the vineyard to check how the work was proceeding and found the helper seated under a grape arbor and eating bread, cheese and grapes. A mità jurnate l'ome z'affaccette a la vigne pi vidè come prucedeve lu lavore e truvette l'aiute assittate sotte a na pièrvele chi zi magnieve lu casce, lu pane e l'uve.
- What are you doing? - The man asked the young man. - I had told you not to touch the grapes, and you are eating them?! - - E chi stiè facenne? - Addummannette l'ome a lu giovene. - I t'era ditte di nin tuccuà l'uve e tu ti li stiè magnenne!? -
The young helper continued to eat and answered: E lu giovene aiutante, cuntinuenne a magnè arispunnette:
- Boss, go ahead, taste it, taste it, bread, cheese and grapes, what a delicious combination! -
- Assagge, assagge sore patrone, pane, casce e uve coma sà! -
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