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A fox repentant of having stolen so many sheep, one day went to confession.
Na olepe, chi z'era pintite di tutte li pechere chi z'era arrubbate, nu iuorre zi iette a cumpissà.
The priest who knew how to speak to animals, led the fox to the sacristy and, after hearing its confession, forgave it and asked it to swear not to eat meat any more.
Lu prete, chi sapeve parlà nchi l'animale, la facette ntrà dentre a la sacristie e, doppe chi l'ere ascultate, la pirdunette e i dicette di fa nu giuramiente addò prumitteve di nin magnereze chiù la carne.
The fox thought about it for a moment and then said: La olepe ci pinzette na nzegne e doppe dicette:
- I swear by a stone in the cairn (macirine), that I will no longer eat any goat meat. - - Ti giure sobbre a na preta macirine ca i nin magne chiù né carne di crape né di crapine -
The priest felt reassured, but before giving the absolution to the fox, he began to talk about penance and of the oath taken. Lu prete arimanette cuntiente, ma prime di darije l'assoluzione, cuminzette a parlarije di la pinitenze e di li giuramiente fatte.
At the beginning the fox listened, but then it began to look repeatedly toward the door. La olepe, prime ascultette, po' cuminzette a vultarze continuamente a la vie di la porte.
Suddenly when the fox could not take it anymore, turned to the priest and said: Tutt'inziembre, quanne nin ni putette chiù, za rivultette a lu prete e i dicette:
- Father, hurry and give me the absolution, because there is a herd of sheep passing by, and if I don't hurry they will escape from me. - - Patre, sbrighete a dareme l'assoluzione, ca sta passenne na mandre di pechere e si nin mi sbrighe chille mi zi ni scappe. -
The sentence - I swear on a stone of the cairn (macirine) - is usually used when people promise something, knowing all along that the promise will not be kept.  
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