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Two friends lived near each other: one on top of a hill, and the other on top of another.
Ddu cumpare onne abbitave vicine, une sobbra a nu colle e une sobbre a nuantre.
One day the mule of one of the two men got sick, and since the next morning the man had to pick up some wood, he thought that perhaps his friend would lend him his mule.
Nu juorre a une di li ddu uommene i z'ammalette lu mule e, siccome la matine appriesse aveva i a carije li lene, pinzette ca forse lu cumpare i puteve mpristà culle siè.

He stepped out on top of the hill and saw that his friend was in the middle of the courtyard and began to call him:

Z'affaccette sobbra a lu colle, vidette ca lu cumpare stave mmiezze all'are e lu cuminzette a chiamà:
- My friend! My friend! - - Cumpà! Cumpà! -
- What do you want? - Answered his friend.
- Chi vuò? - Jarispunnette lu cumpare.
- My mule is sick and tomorrow I must pick up some wood. Could you lend me yours? -
- Mi zè ammalate lu mule e dumane eja i carijè li lene, mi può mpristà culle tiè? -
- I cannot hear you. The wind is blowing the other way. Speak a little louder! - - Nin ti sente, tienche lu viente contre. Parle chiù forte! -
The man on the other hill screamed louder: - Can you lend me your mule tomorrow because mine got sick? -
L'ome sobbre all'ualtre colle allucchette di chiù: - Mi può mpristà lu mule pi dumane, ca culle miè zè mmalate? -
- Yell louder: the goat is bleating and I can't hear you. -
- Allucche di chiù: la crape arippelle e i nin ti sente! -
And his friend yelled even louder: E lu cumpare sempre chiù forte:
- I would need your mule tomorrow because mine is sick! - - Mi servesse lu mule tiè pi dumane, ca culle miè zè mmalate! -
- I can't understand: the dog is barking and the chickens are laying eggs! What do you need? - - Nin so capite: lu cuane abbeje e li galline stà facenne l'uove! Chi tti serve? -
Then his friend thought it over, and without yelling said: Allore lu cumpare ci pinzette na nzegne e senza alluccuà chiù tante dicette:
- I will pay you for it! - - Ti lu paghe! -
And the other answered:
E l'ualtre jarispunnette:
- Come and get it when you want it! - - Viettele a pigliè quanna vuò! -
The man went back inside the house, and while he was preparing things for the next morning, he thought::
- Is my friend deaf or can he hear only when he wants? -
L'ome arrintrette a la case e, mentre priparave la robbe pi la matine appriesse, pinzave:
- È surde lu cumpare o sente sole quanna i pare? -
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