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Tony was a boy who never did what the mother used to tell him to do.
Ntuone ere nu vaglione chi nin faceve mai chille chi i diceve la mamme.
One day the mother, before going to the fields, admonished Tony not to touch what was in the cup.
Nu juorre la mamme prime di i 'ncampagne ariccummannette a Ntuone di nin tuccuà chille chi stave dentre a la tazze.
Tony asked why. Ntuone addummannette picchè.
- Because it is poison, and you then will die! - Answered the mother. - Picchè è tuosche (vilene) e tu doppe ti muore! - Arispunnette la mamme.
The moment the mother left Tony ate everything that was in the cup and went to bed.
Lu minute chi la mamme zi ni jette, Ntuone zi magnette tutte chille chi stave dentre a la tazze e mittette a liette.
When the mother went home she found Tony crying in bed.
Cuanne la mamme arijette truvette Ntuone a liette chi plagneve.
- Tony, what happened? What hurt? - Said the mother frightened. - Chi si fatte Ntuone, chi ti dole? - Dicette la mamme mpaurite.
- Mom, I am dying, I ate all the poison. - Answered Tony.
- Mà, mi stienghe murenne picché mi so maggnete tutte lu tuosche! - Arispunnette Ntuone.
- Get up, you good for nothing, may you disappear (lit. may you become extinct, but actually never that strong), that was the honey that your grandmother had given me for my(sore)throat! -
- Àlzete spranzone, ti puozze splantá, culle ere lu mele chi nònnete m'aveva date pi lu cannarine! -
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