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A merchant that went from town to town to sell his produce one day stopped at the house of a breeder.
Nu cummirciante chi ive girenne da nu paese a n'uantre a venne la rrobbe c'arriscive a riccoglie da la campagna sé, nu juorre zi firmette a la case di n'ome c'alluvave l'animale.
Since he was hungry, he asked for something to eat.
Siccome i tineva fame, addummannette si i puteve dà coccose pi magniè.
The man wanted to give him a chicken, a pork chop, or some ham, but the merchant said that just a boiled or fried egg would be enough for him. The breeder cooked the egg and served it with some bread to the merchant, but when the time arrived to pay the bill, the merchant saw that he was being charged a large amount of money. L'ome i vuleve purtà nu pilluastre, na felle di carne di puoche, na nzè di prisutte, ma lu cummirciante dicette ca i bastave solamente n'uove scallate o fritte. L'ome, i cucette l'uove, ci mittette vicine na nzè di pane e i lu purtette, ma quanna lu cummirciante iette a pagà i circhette nu suacche di quatrine.
- For a boiled egg you are asking all this money? I am not going to pay that much!- Said the merchant. - Pi n'uove vullite mi cierche tutte 'stì solde? I nin ti li paghe! - Dicette lu cummirciante. -
The man who wanted to take advantage of the situation replied: L'ome chi zi ni vuleve apprufittiè arispunnette:
- If I didn't give you that egg, I could have put it to be hatched, a chick would have come from it, and the chick would have grown into a nice little rooster, which would have bred other chicks, and finally I could have taken it to the market or kill it and sell it to someone. If you consider all these things, you will see that I really didn't ask you for too much money! - - Si i cull'uove nin li dave a te, lu faceve cuvà, nasceve nu pulcine, lu pulcine zi faceve gruosse, addivintave nu gallucce, lu puteve fa accuppià, ci faceve l'ieltre pulcine e doppe, o lu purtave a venne a la fiere o l'accideve e mi l'arivinneve. Si ti siè fa lu cunte vite ca nin ti sò circate troppe! -
- I know how to figure things out, but I don't like your reasoning! I am willing to pay only for the egg and the bread. - answered the merchant. He left the money on the table and went away. - Li cunte mi li sacce fa, ma è lu rraggiunamente chi nin mi pijece! I ti paghe solamente l'uove e lu piezze di pane. - Arispunnette lu cummirciante. I lassette li solde sobbre a la tavele e zi ni jette.
- I will sue you! - Yelled the breeder. - I ti dienghe qurele! - Jallucchette appriesse l'ome.
About ten days later the merchant was summoned to court by a judge, and on purpose he arrived late. The judge reproached him: Doppe 'na dicine di juorre lu cummirciante minette chiamate da lu giudice picchè z'aveve prisintà a lu tribbunale e lu juorre di lu pruciesse facette tarde apposte. Lu giudice l'arimpruvirette:
- Do you think it is fair to keep us waiting for you? - - Le pare questo il modo di fare attendere la corte? -
- My apologies, your honor, but this morning I had to go and seed a basket of already cooked and salted beans! - - Scusate signore judice, ma maddimane so duvute i a sumintà 'na ceste di fasciuole già cuotte e salate! --
- Since when cooked and salted beans will sprout and produce fruit? - Answered the judge even more annoyed. - Da quanto in qua i fagioli cotti e salati germinano e danno frutti? - Arispunnette lu giudice sempre chiù analtarijete.
- Since when the fried eggs become roosters! - Answered the merchant. - Da quanna l'ove fritte addivente ualle! - Arispunnette lu cummirciante.
The judge looked at him, thought a while and said to him: Lu giudice lu uardette, ci pinzette na nzegne e i dicette:
- You can go home. - - Puoi andare a casa. -
The merchant had already won the case. Lu cummirciante aveve già vinte la cause.
The phrase: "Fried eggs turn into roosters" is meant for those who sell a product and raise the price of it excessively to make the biggest possible profit.  
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