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In the forest between Fallo and Montelapiano there is a cave.
Dentre a lu bosche tra lu Falle e lu Monte ci stà na grotte.
It is called "St. Peter's Cave". Nobody knows why it has this name, but it is well known that long time ago it was used as a hiding place by the brigands.
Zi chiemme "La Grotte di Sante Pietre". Nisciune sa picchè zi chiemme accuscì, di sicure zi sa solamente ca tante tiempe fa sirvive a annasconne li brighiente.
The old timers used to say that in that place there were also other caves and that some were so long that they extended as far as Fallo, in the section "Sotto Le Case" (Under the Houses). Li viecchie ariccuntave ca, loche attuorre, ci stave pure ieltre grotte e ca cierte, ere tante longhe chi arrivieve fine a lu Falle, "Sotte a li Chiesere".
The brigands that lived in St. Peter's Cave used to stop the people that crossed the forest and robbed them; they also used to rob neighboring villages. For this reason the policemen would have liked to catch them and arrest them. Li brighiente chi stave dentre a la Grotte di Sante Pietre, firmave la iente chi passave pi lu bosche, i zonne piglieve la robbe e ive arrubbenne pure a li paisce vicine. Pirciò li uardie l'onne vuleve acchiappà pi purtarle 'ngalere.
The policemen, however, because they did not know the hiding place of the brigands nor were they familiar with the forest, had never succeeded to catch them. So they thought of starving them: they surrounded the villages and posted themselves in all the roads that led to the forest. Li uardie però siccome nin canusceve né do zonne annascunneve li brighiente, né lu bosche, nin ere mai arrisciute a acchiappalle. Accuscì onne pinzette di farle murì pi la fame: zonne mittette di uardie a li paisce e a tutte li vie chi ive a lu bosche.
Now, we should know that the leader of the brigands was the lover of a girl from Fallo. This girl, named Chiara, used to bring food to her man, as well as to the other members of the gang. Every evening Chiara used to leave home riding a mule loaded with food supplies and headed for the forest, where along the road the leader of the gang used to wait for her. Mo, aveta sapè ca lu cape di li brighiente zi tineve na vaglione di lu Falle. Sta vaglione, chi zi chiamave Chiare, purtave tutte li iuorre a magnè sia a l'ome siè sia a l'ieltre brighiente. Tutte li sere, Chiare partive da la casa se a cavalle di nu mule cariche di magnè e ive verse lu bosche addò, pi la vie, l'aspittave lu cape di li brighiente.
Since the roads were now watched by the police, the girl could not even come close to the forest. A week went by. The brigands had consumed all their food, and finally were forced by hunger to come out and were all caught by the police. Mo chi li vie onne ere tutte chiuse da li uardie, la vaglione nin zi puteve manche chiù avviciniè a lu bosche. Accuscì passette na sittimane. Li brighiente senza magnè, doppe chi zonne era magnete tutte chilli chi tineve, onne duvette pi forze scì dafore e li uardie l'acchiappette tutte chiente.
One of them led the policemen to St. Peter's Cave, and revealed that this was their hiding place. Une di lore purtette li uardie a La Grotte di Sante Pietre e i dicette che culle era lu puoste addò loro z'annascunnèvene.
On the inside of the cave, the policemen found written on a wall: "DAWN ARRIVED BUT CHIARA DID NOT COME". Dentre a la grotte, mbacce a nu mure, li uardie onne truvette scritte "ALBA SI FECE MA CHIARA NON VENNE".
The brigand told that this writing had been carved with a knife by their leader after he waited in vain all night for Chiara, and when he had lost all hope of seeing her again. Lu brigante ariccuntette ca culle scritte era state fatte nchi lu curtielle da lu cape quanne, dope caveve aspittate Chiare pi tutte la notte, ere pirdute tutte li spranze d'arividelle.
Now the entrance to St. Peter's Cave is almost completely obstructed by bushes, and inside there is a colony of bats. The last person, who many years ago visited the place, said that the writing "DAWN ARRIVED BUT CHIARA DID NOT COME" is still visible, but that under it, some fun loving person had added the phrase "STUPID IS THE PERSON WHO READS THIS".
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