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In Fallo there was a rather poor man who was going around in the town hoping that someone would give him something to eat.
A lu Falle ci stave n'ome chiuttoste puvirielle chi ive girenne pi lu paese nchi la spranze chi cocchedune i desse coccose pi magnè.
No one knew his real name and everyone called him Pappippone.
Nisciune sapeve gnà zi chiamave e tutte l'onne chiamave Pappippone.
One day someone gave him three or four potatoes, and he, happy of having once more escaped hunger, put them in a sack, which he carried over his shoulders. Nu juorre qualcune jera date tre o quattre patate e isse, tutte cuntiente ca pure chella volte era arrisciute a nin murìrize pi la fame, l'era misse dentre a nu sacchitte chi purtave sobbre a li spalle.
Pappippone lived in the Valle Vecchia section of the town, and on his way home he was wandering how he was going to cook those four potatoes that had been given to him: - I can roast them on charcoals or I can boil them? Now, if only I had a small piece of meat, I could cook it with them... - Meanwhile he was shaking the sack with the potatoes as if these were going to tell him how they wanted to be cooked. Pappippone abbitave sotte a la Vale Vecchie e mentre arijve a la case pinzave a come puteve coce chille quattre patate chi jonne era date: - Mi li pozze fa sotte a vrasce o li pozze mette a vullì? Mò, si tinesse na pizzatelle di carne, ci li putesse mette a coce nziembre.- E 'ntante scinichijeve lu sacchitte nchi li patate come si chille i puteve arisponne e diceje chi fine onne vuleve fa.
At one point he stopped half-way on the steps that led to Valle Vecchia, he took the little sack, raised it above his head, shook it and said: - What do I do with you? Now what do I do with you? As soon as I get home you are going to see what I am going to do with you! - A nu cierte punte zì firmette 'nmiezze a li schiele chi purtave a la Vale Vecchie , acchiappette lu sacchitte, l'alzette pi l'ìerie, lu scinichijette chiù forte e dicette: - Coma vi facce e...coma vi facce?! Mocch'arijemme a la casa videme coma vi facce! -
A man from a doorway saw the whole thing, and the following day the whole town knew the story of Pappippone's potatoes. N'ome chi stava affacciate a na porte vidette tutte la scene e lu juorre appriesse tutte lu paese cunusceve la storie di li patate di Pappippone.
Still today the phrase " What I am going to do with you, when we get home you are going to see what I am going to do with you " is quoted when, facing a serious problem, it is difficult to make a definite decision.  
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