M(E)TÁ f. (L. medietas, mean, half) m. Metá f. Half
M(I) ref. pr. (L. me, me) Mi ref. pr. Myself
MA conj. (L. magis, more) Ma conj. But
MA(IE) adv. (L. magis, more used in negative) Mai Never
MAC(I)N f. (L. machina, engine) Macina f. Mill stone
MACCATUR m. Fisciù m., fazzoletto da collo Kerchief, commonly us women to cover the head
MACCH(IE) f. (L. macula, stain) Macchia f. Spot
MACELLAR or MACILLAR m. (L. macellum, butcher shop) Macellaio m. Butcher
MACER(IE) (L. maceria, stone wall) Maceria f. Ruins, stone pile
MACH(I)N f. (L. machina, machine) _ pi cuscì, sewing machine; _ pi scriv, typewriter; _ pi la vign, sprayer for the vineyard Macchina f. Machine
MACIELL m. also chieng f., (L. macellum, butcher shop) Macelleria f., macello m. Butcher shop, disaster
MACINÁ, MACINAT Macinare Grind, mill
MACIRIN f., (L. maceria, stone pile found in fields) Maceria f. Stone pile, cairn
MADD(I)MAN adv. (L. ista, this + mane, morning) Stamattina adv. Morning, this_
MAESTR m. f. (L. magister, teacher) Maestro m., f. -a Teacher
MAGG m. (L. maius, goddess Maja) Maggio m. May
MAGL f. (L. macula, small iron ring) Maglia f. Sweater
MAGLIUOL m. (L. malleolus, small hammer) Magliolo m. Grapevine (twig)
MAGNAFICH f. (L. manducare, to eat + ficus, fig) Ghiandaia f. Jay (type of a yellow jay)
MAGNATOR f. (L. manducare, to eat) Mangiatoia f. Manger
MAGNIÉ m. Cibo m. Food
MAGNIÉ, MAGNIET (L. manducare, to eat) Mangiare Eat
MAIES f., fa la maies, to till the land for seeding Zappatura, aratura f. Tilling (of farmland)
MAL m. (L. male, badly) Male m. Evil, bad
MALADUCAT adj. (L. male, badly + educare, to bring up) Maleducato adj. Ill mannered
MALATI(IE) f. Malattia f. Disease, malady
MALIGN adj. (L. malignus, malicious) Maligno adj. Malign, shrewd, mean
MALINTINZIUNAT adj. (L. male, badly + intendere, to aim) Malintenzionato adj. Evil minded
MALIZIUS adj. (L. malitiosus, crafty) Malizioso adj. Cunning, shrewd
MALUOCCH(IE) m. Malocchio m. Evil eye
MALV f. (L. malva, mallow) Malva f. Mallow
MAMM f. (L. mamma, woman's breast) Mamma f. Mother, mom
MAMMUCC diminuitive used in exclamations of endearement or commiseration: vi ecch mammucc sé!, come here to grandmother; mammucc sé! poor soul! Nonna f. Grandmother
MANAT f. (L. manus, hand) Manata f. Handful
MANCÁ, MANCAT (L. mancus, crippled, imperfect...thus lacking) Mancare Lack, miss
MANCH adv. Neanche adv. Not even
MANDR f. (Gr. mandra, stable) Gregge m. Flock (of animals)
MANDRILL m. Recinto m. Pen (small pen for animals, usually made of sticks)
MANIER m. (L. manus, hand + aeramen, copper ??) Ramaiolo m. Ladle (large copper ladle used to get water from the "conch")
MANIGL f. (L. manicula, little hand) Maniglia f. Handle (door, furniture)
MANNÀ, MANNAT Seccare Die (plants), wither
MANNÁ, MANNAT (L. mandare, to send) Mandare Send
MANNAR f. (L. mannaria, type of ax) Mannaia or mannara f. Cleaver
MANTIL m. Tovaglia f., mantile m. Tablecloth
MANTISIN m. (L. mantus, cover + sinus, breast ??) Grembiule m. Apron
MANTRICCH(IE) f. Grembiule m. Apron (large waist apron also used to store and carry vegetable when picked)
MANTRICCHIOL f. Tovagliolo m. Napkin
MANUOPPL m. (L. manipulus, handful) Covone m. Bundle of cut wheat
MANUVAL m. (L. manus, hand + valere, to be capable) Manovale m. Labourer (usually in construction)
MAR m. (L. mare, sea) Mare m. Sea
MAR(I)PILOS f. Bruco m. Caterpillar
MARC f. Marcia f. March
MARCH f. Marca f. Brand
MARINAR m. (L. mare, sea) Marinaio m. Sailor
MARIT m. (L. maritus, husband) Marito m. Husband
MARITÁ or MARITIÉ, MARITAT or MARITIET (L. maritare, to marry) Maritare Marry
MARM m. Marmo m. Marble
MARMELLAT f. (L. melimela, honey apple) Marmellata f. Marmalade
MARTEDÌ m. (L. martis dies, day of Mars) Martedì Tuesday
MARTIELL m. (L. marculus, martellus, hammer) Martello m. Hammer
MARUOZZ m. Chiocciola f. (grande) Snail (large)
MARZ m. (L. martius mensis, month of Mars) Marzo m. March
MASCALZON m. and adj. Mascalzone m. and adj. Scoundrel
MASC'CATUR f. Serratura f. Lock, door lock
MASCELL f. (L. maxilla, jaw) Mascella f. Jaw
MASCHL adj. m. (L. masculus, male) Maschio adj. m. Male
MASCHR f. Maschera f. Mask
MASSAR(IE) f. (L. massa, country house) Masseria f. Farmhouse
MASSER adv. (L. magis, more + serus, late) Stasera adv. Tonight
MATARAZZ m. Materasso m. Mattress
MATASS f. Matassa f. Skein
MATERIAL m. Materiale m. Material
MATIN f. (L. matutinus, morning or tempora matutina, early hours) Mattino m. or mattina f. Morning
MATON m., pl. MATUN Mattone m. Brick
MATRIMON(IE) m. (L. matrimonium, matrimony) Matrimonio m. Marriage
MATUNELL f. Mattonella f. Tile (for floor or wall)
MATUR adj. (L. maturus, ripe) Maturo adj. Ripe
MATURUÁ, MATURUAT (L. maturare, to ripen) Maturare Ripen
MAZZ f. Mazza f., bastone m. Stick, club
MAZZAFIOND f. Fionda f. Slingshot (made with rope)
MAZZOL f. Mazzuolo f. Sledge hammer
adj., pr. (L. meus, mea, my) Mia adj., pr. My, mine
MEDAGL f. (L. metallum, metal money) Medaglia f. Medal
MEGL adj. (L. melior, better) Meglio adj. Better
MEL f., also MIL m. (L. malum, apple) Mela f. Apple
MEL m. (L. mel, honey) Miele m. Honey
MEMOR(IE) f. (L. memoria, memory) Memoria f. Memory
MEN adv. (L. minus, less); menumal!, thank goodness Meno adv. Less
MENT f. (L. mens, mind) Mente f. Mind
MENTR adv. (L. dum, while + interim, meanwhile) Mentre adv. While
MERC f. (L. merx, mercis, merchandise) Merce f. Merchandise
MERC(O)LEDÌ m. (L. mercurii dies, day of Mercury) Mercoledì m. Wednesday
MES f. (L. mensa, table or mestare, to mix ??) Madia f. (per pestare l'uva) Bin or trough for crushing
MES m. (L. mensis, month) Mese m. Month
MESS f. (L. missa, mass) Messa f. Mass
MET f. (L. meta, marker, conic mass) Meta f. Pile (of wheat bundles like an house)
MET, METUT or MITUT (L. metere, to reap) Mietere Reap, harvest
METT, MISS (L. mittere, to put or place) Mettere Put
METR m. (Gr. metron, measure) Metro m. Meter
MEZZANOTT f. (L. medius, half + nox, night) Mezzanotte f. Midnight
MEZZOR f. (L. medius, half + hora, hour) Mezzora f. Half an hour
MIDICIN f. (L. medicina, medicine) Medicina f. Medication, medicine
MIDULL m. (L. medulla, marrow) Midollo m. Marrow
MIÉ adj. pr. (L. meus, my) Mio adj. pr. My, mine
MIED(I)CH m. (L. medicus, doctor) Medico m. Doctor
MIEN f. (L. manus, hand) Mano f. Hand
MIERL m. f. Merlo m. Blackbird
MIEZZ adj., f. MEZZ (L. medius, half, middle) Mezzo adj. Half
MIGLICH f. (L. medulla, marrow, middle, centre) Mollica f. Crumb, soft inner part
MIGLICR m. (L. umbelicus, belly-botton) Ombelico m. Belly-botton
MIL m. (L. malus, apple tree) Melo m. Apple tree
MILL adj. (L. mille, thousand) Mille adj. Thousand
MILLON m. Melone m. Melon
MINESTR f. Minestra f. Soup (vegetable)
MINTON m.; è nu minton, he is stubborn Montone Ram, mutton
MINUT m. (L. minutus, minute) Minuto m. Minute, moment
MIRACL m. Miracolo m. Miracle
MIRITÀ, MIRITAT; also MIRDÁ, MIRDAT (L. meritare, to earn) Meritare Deserve
MIRSUGL or MIRZUGL m. Sorso m. Sip
MIS(U)RUA', MIS(U)RUAT (L. mensurare, to measure) Misurare Measure
MISC'CUGL m. (L. miscere, to mix) Miscuglio m. Mixture
MISER(IE) f. (L. miseria, poverty); ha vist la miser(ie), he has seen tough times Miseria f. Poverty
MISTIER m. (L. ministerium, office, occupation) Mestiere m. Trade
MISUR f. (L. mensura, measurement) Misura f. Measure
MIZZIIUOR m. (L. medius, middle + diurnun, duration of a day) Mezzogiorno m. Noon
adv. (L. modo, now) Ora adv. Now
MOB(I)L m. (L. mobilis, movable) Mobile Furniture (a piece of- )
MOBIGL(IE) Mobili m. p. Furniture
MOGL f. (L. mulier, woman) Moglie f. Wife
MOGN, MUNT (L. mulgere, to milk) Mungere Milk
MOLL f. (L. mollis, flexible) Molla f. Spring, rubber band
MORS f. (L. mordere, to bite) Morsa f. Vise
MOSCHL f. (L. musca, fly) Mosca f. Fly
MOSS f. Mossa f. Movement, gesture
MOT m. (L. modus, manner) Modo m. Manner, way
MUAST m. (L. bastum, wooden pack saddle) Basto m. Pack-saddle
MUAZZ m. Mazzo m. Bunch
MUAZZ m. Battaglio m. Clapper
MUCCH(IE) m. (L. cumulus, pile, by metathesis) Mucchio m. Pile
MUFF f. Muffa f. Mildew
MULL adj. (L. mollis, soft) Molle adj. Soft
MULT f. (L. multa, fine) Multa f. Fine, penalty
MULTIN f. Pacchetto, fascio m. Bundle (specifically contained in a large cloth, usually a strong large apron used by women)
MUMENT m. (L. momentum, moment) Momento m. Moment
MUMM(IE) f. Mummia f. Mummy (also used to describe a motionless or lifeless person)
MUNN m. (L. mundus, world) Mondo m. World
MUNTAGN f. (L. mons, hill or montaneus, hill shaped) Montagna f. Mountain
MUNUMENT m. (L. monumentum, memorial) Monumento m. Monument
MUR m. (L. murus, wall) Muro m. Wall
MURATOR m. (L. murus, wall) Muratore m. Bricklayer
MURÌ, MUORT (L. mori, to die) Morire Die
MURTAL m. (L. mortarium, mortar) Mortaio m. Mortar
MURUACHL m., pl. MURIECHL (L. morum, blackberry) Mora f. Raspberry
MUS(I)CH f. (L. musica, music) Musica f. Music
MUSCARELL f. a___ Nascondino m., mosca cieca f. Hide-and-seek
MUSÉ m. Museo m. Museum
MUSS m. (L. mursus p. p. of mordere, to bite) Muso m. Snout
MUSSAROL f. (L. morsus, bite) Museruola f. Muzzle
MUSTRÁ, MUSTRAT (L. monstrare, to show) Mostrare Show, reveal
MUTAND f. Mutande f. pl. Underwear, shorts
MUTIV m. (L. motivus, act of moving) Motivo m. Motive
MUTOR m. (L. movere, to move) Motore m. Motor
MUZZÁ, MUZZAT (L. mutilus, maimed, thus cut) Mozzare, tagliare Cut, cut down