P(E)NETENZ f. also PINITENZ (L. paenitentia, regret, repentance) Penitenza f. Penitence
P(E)RCIÓ conj. (L. per, for + ecce, here is + hoc, this) Perciò conj. Thus, therefore
P(E)RZON f. pl. PIRZUN (L. persona, character, person) Persona f. Person
PAÁ, PAAT also PAGÁ, PAGAT (L. pacare, to pacify) Pagare Pay
PAAMENT m. Pagamento m. Payment
PAC f. (L. pax, pacis, peace) Pace f. Peace
PACCH m. Pacco m. Package
PACIENZ f. (L. patientia, patience) Pazienza f. Patience
PAES m. also PAIES (L. pagus, village) Paese m. Village
PAGG(I)N f. (L. pagina, page) Pagina f. Page
PAGGELL f. (L. pagella, small page) Pagella f. Report card
PAGL(IE) f. (L. palea, chaff) Paglia f. Hay, chaff (straw from the wheat shaft)
PAGLIER m. (L. palea, chaff) Pagliaio m. Hut (with a straw roof), loft of a stable used to store hay
PAGLIETT f. Paglietta f. Straw hat
PAL f. (L. pala, spade) Pala f. Shovel, spade
PAL(E)FIERR m. (L. palus, stick + ferrum, iron) Leva (di ferro) f. Crowbar
PALAT m. (L. palatum, palate) Palato m. Palate
PALAZZ m. (L. palatium, Palatine hill in Rome) Palazzo m. Palace, big house
PALELL f. (L. pala, shovel) Paletta f. Fireplace shovel
PALESÁ, PALESAT (L. palam, open, public + esse, to be) Palesare Reveal, to tell someone something secret
PALL f. Palla f. Ball
PALLIN m. Pallino m. Ball (little ball in the game of bocce)
PALLON m. Pallone m. Soccer ball
PALLOTTL f. Pallottola f. Bullet
PALLUN m. p. Fesseria f. coll. Nonsense, long stories usually lies or exaggerations
PALM f. (L. palma, palm) Palma f. Palm (also the olive branch used Palm Sunday)
PAN m. (L. panis, bread) Pane m. Bread
PANIELL m. Pagnotta f., filone m. Loaf
PANIER other name for CEST (L. panarium, breadbasket) Paniere m. Basket
PANIFIC(IE) m. (L. panis, bread + facere, to make) Panificio m. Bakery
PANN(E)IE, PANN(E)IETE Affannare Pant, to be out of breath
PANNUOCCH(IE) m. (L. panuculus, dim. of panus, clew??) Pannocchia f. Ear of corn
PANTAN f. Pozza f., pantano m. Puddle
PANZ f. (L. pantices, sausages) Pancia f. Belly
PAP(E)R f. Papera f., oca f. Goose, duck
PAPAGN f. Bozzo f. Bump, also used to describe large fruit or well built women
PAPPAGALL m. Pappagallo m. Parrot
PAPUAMBR m. (L. papaver, poppy) Papavero m. Poppy
PAPOSC m. p. Pantofole f. p. Slippers
PARÈ, PARUT (L. parere, to appear) Parere Appear
PARENT m., pl. PARIENT (L. parens, parent, relative) Parente m. f. Relative
PARIGL f. (L. parilis, equal) Pariglia f. Couple, pair
PARLÁ, PARLAT Parlare Speak
PAROL f. Parola f. Word
PARROCCH(IE) f. (Gr. paroika or para, next + oikeo, live) Parrocchia f. Parish
PART f. (L. pars, partis, part, share) Parte f. Part, share
PARTENZ f. Partenza f. Departure
PARTÌ, PARTIT also PARTUT (L. partire, to divide) Partire Leave
PARTIT f. Partita f. Game, match
PARTIT m. Partito m. Party (political)
PASC, PASCIUT (L. pascere, to feed, to graze) Pascere Graze
PASCH f. Pasqua f. Easter
PASSÀ, PASSAT (L. passus, step) Passare Pass
PASSAGG(IE) m. Passaggio m. Passage, way
PASSAPUORT m. Passaporto m. Passport
PASSEGGIAT f. (L. passus, step) Passeggiata f. Walk
PASSIIÈ, PASSIIET Passeggiare Stroll, to walk leisurely
PAST f. (L. pascere, pastus, feed) Pasta f. Pasta, dough mix
PASTIFIC(IE) m. (L. pastus, feed + facere, to make) Pastificio m. Pasta factory
PATAT f. Patata f. Potato
PATELL f. (L. patella, pan dish) Anca f. Hip
PATÌ, PATUT also PATIT (L. pati, to suffer) Patire Suffer
PATRIMON(IE) m. (L. patrimonium, patrimony) Patrimonio m. Patrimony
PATRON m. (L. patronus, patron) Padrone m. Boss, patron saint
PATT m. (L. pactum, pact) fa lu patt, to agree Patto m. Pact, agreement
PAUR f. (L. pavor, fear) tinè paur, to be afraid Paura f. Fear
PAVIMENT m. (L. pavimentum, pavement, floor) Pavimento m. Floor, pavement
PAZZ adj. (L. patiens, suffering) Pazzo adj. Crazy
PAZZIARIEL m. Giocattolo m. Toy
PEC f. (L. pix, picis, pitch) Pece f. Pitch
PEC(O)R f. (L. pecus, sheep) Pecora f. Sheep
PECCAT m. also PICCAT (L. peccatum, sin, transgression) fa nu peccat, to make a sin Peccato m. Sin
PEDAT f., also PIDAT (L. pes, pedis, foot) Orma f., pedata f. Footprint
PEGG adj., adv. (L. peius, worse) Peggio adj. inv., adv. Worse
PELL f. (L. pellis, skin) fa la pell, to kill Pelle f. Skin
PELLEGRINAGG m. Pellegrinaggio m. Pilgrimage
PELLICC f. (L. pellicius, made of leather) Pelliccia f. Fur
PEN f. (L. poena, penalty) fa pen, to arouse compassion Pena f. Pain, suffering, penalty
PENN f. (L. penna, feather) Penna f. Pen, feather
PENSÁ, PENSAT (L. pensare, to weigh, ponder) Pensare Think
PEP m. (L. piper, pepper) Pepe m. Pepper
PER f. also PIR m. (L. pirum, pear) Pera f. Pear
PERDÌ, PERD, PERDUT (L. perdere, to lose) Perdere Lose
PERIC(O)L m. (L. periculum, danger) Pericolo m. Danger
PERMET, PERMISS (L. permittere, to allow) Permettere Allow
PESÁ, PESAT (L. pesare, to weigh) Pesare Weigh
PESC m. (L. piscis, fish) Pesce m. Fish
PET m. (L. pes, pedis, foot) Piede m. Foot
PEZZ f. (L. petia or Gr. peza, a small piece of cloth ??) Straccio m. Rag, small piece of cloth, patch
PI prep. (L. per, for) Per prep. For, through
PIACÉ, PIACIUT (L. placere, to please) Piacere Like
PIAN m. (L. planus, flat, level) Piano m. Floor, level
PIANT f. (L. planta, sprout) Pianta f. Plant
PIANTÁ, PIANTAT Piantare Plant
PIANTERREN m. (L. planus, flat + terrenus, ground) Pianterreno m. Street floor
PIANUR f. also PLANUR f. Pianura f. Plain
PIAZZ f. (L. platea, large street) Piazza f. Square
PIC(O)RAR m. also P(E)C(O)RAR m. (L. pecus, sheep) Pecoraio m. Shepherd
PICCH m. Piccone m. Pick
PICCHÉ conj. (L. per, for + quis, what) Perché conj. Because, why
PICH f. (L. pica, jay) Pica f. Blue jay
PIDICCHIUS adj. Pidocchioso adj. Lousy (a person infected with lice, a very poor person)
PIDIMI(IE) f. (Gr. epidemeo, to spread in public) Epidemia f. Epidemic
PIDUOCCH(IE) m. (L. pediculus, louse) Pidocchio m. Louse
PIERV'L f. (L. pergula, pergola, veranda) Pergola f. Pergola (grapevine)
PIETT m. (L. pectus, chest) Petto m. Chest
PIEZZ m. (L. petium, piece) Pezzo m. Piece
PIGLIÉ, PIGLIET; za pigliet a Mari(ie), he took Mary in marriage Pigliare, sposare Take, marry
PIGNIET f. Pignatta f. Pot, clay belly pot
PIIETT m. Piatto m. Dish
PIL m. (L. pilus, hair) Pelo m. Hair (body_)
PILÁ, PILAT Pelare Pare, peel
PILUS adj. Peloso adj. Hairy
PIMMADOR f. (L. pomum, fruit + aureus, gold) Pomodoro m. Tomato
PIN m. (L. pinus, pine tree) Pino m. Pine
PINC m. Tegola f. Rooftile (terracotta_)
PINNIELL m. (L. peniculus, brush) Pennello m. Brush, paint brush
PINTÌ, PINTIT (L. paenitere, to cause regret) Pentire, -si Repent
PINZ f. Pinza f. Plier
PINZIER m. (L. pensare, to weigh) tené nu pinzier, to have a worry; zi met pinzier, he worries Pensiero m. Thought
PINZION f. (L. pensio, pensionis, payment) Pensione f. Pension
PINZIRUS adj. (usally refers to a person who is careful about savings and generally a good provider) Pensieroso adj. Thoughtful
PIPARUOL m. (L. piper, pepper) piparuol cucent, hot pepper Peperone m. Pepper (green or red)
PIPIGN m. Capezzolo m. Nipple
PIPILIIÉ, PIPILIIET (L. pipilare, chirp) Sibilare, cinguettare Chirp, hiss (like the sound of a steam valve, a noise made by a small chick, or the hissing of snails being roasted)
PIPP f. Pipa f. Pipe
PIR m. (L. pirum, pear) Pero m. Pear tree
PIRDON m. (L. per, for + donare, to give) Perdono m. Forgiveness, pardon
PIRDUNÁ, PIRDUNAT Perdonare Forgiveness, pardon
PIRUGN m. Bacca f. Berry (from a thorn bush, shaped like a bluberry but with a different taste)
PIS m. (L. pendere, pensus, to weigh) met or perd pis, to put on or lose weight Peso m. Weight
PISANT also P(E)SANT adj. Pesante adj. Heavy
PISILL m. (L. pisum, pea) Pisello m. Pea
PIST f. (L. pestare, to throd) Pista f. Track, ski run
PISTIÉ, PISTIET (L. pinsere, to crush) Pestare Crush, pound (nuts, salt, etc.)
PISTILL m. (L. pistillum, pestle) Pestello m. Pestle
PITRISINN m. (Gr. petroselinon, parsley) Prezzemolo m. Parsley
PITTOR m. (L. pictor, painter) Pittore m. Painter
PIZZ f. Pizza f. Pizza
PIZZ(I)CH m. Pizzico m. Pinch
PIZZUCH m. Picchetto m. Stake
PIZZUT Appuntito adj. Pointed
PLAGN, PLANT (L. plangere, to lament) Piangere Cry
PLANT f. (L. plangere, plantus, to lament) Pianto m. Cry
POCH adj. adv. (L. paucus, little, few) Poco adj. adv. Little, few
POESI(IE) f. (L. poesis, poetry) Poesia f. Poetry, poem
POLC m., pl. PULC (L. pulex, pulicis, flea) Pulce f. Flea
PONT m. (L. pons, pontis, bridge) Ponte m. Bridge
PORT f. (L. porta, gate) Porta f. Door
POS f. (L. posare, to put down) fa la pos, to have or make sediments Posatura f. Sediment
POSSIBL adj. also POSSIBBL (L. possibilis, possible) Possibile adj.


POST f. (L. ponere, posita, station) Posta f. Mail
POV(E)R adj. (L. pauper, poor) Povero adj. Poor
PR(E)PARÁ, PR(E)PARAT (L. praeparare, to prepare) Preparare Prepare
PRANZ m. (L. prantium, breakfast) Pranzo m. Lunch, gourmet meal
PRAZION m. (L. operari, to perform) Operazione f. Operation (surgical)
PREÁ, PREAT (L. precari, to beg, to pray) Pregare Pray
PRECIS adj. (L. praecidere, praecisus, to cut short, brief) Preciso adj. Precise, exact
PREFERÌ, PREFERIT (L. paeferre, to prefer) Preferire Prefer
PREM(IE) m. (L. praemium, prize) Premio m. Prize
PREM, PREMUT (L. premere, to press) Premere Press
PREN adj. f. Incinta adj. f. Pregnant
PREOCCUPÁ, PREOCCUPAT (L. praeoccupare, to anticipate, to preoccupy) Preoccupare, -si Worry, preoccupy
PRESC f. (L. premere, to press) i di presc, to be in a hurry Fretta f. Hurry
PRET f. (L. petra, rock) Pietra f. Stone
PRET m. (Gr. presbiteros, elder) Prete m. Priest
PRETAT f. (L. petra, rock) Pietrata f. Stone street pavement, a blow with a rock
PRIES(E)L m. Sgabello m. Stool
PRIEST adv. (L. praesto, ready) Presto adv. Early
PRIEZZ m. (L. pretium, price) Prezzo m. Price
PRIM adj. (L. primus, first) Primo adj. First
PRIM adv. L. prima (hora), first (hour) Prima adv. First
PRIMAVER f. (L. prima, first + ver, season) Primavera f. Spring
PRINCIP(IE) m. (L. principium, origin) Principio m. Beginning, principle
PRISILILL m. also PRISILILL Sgabellino m. Stool (little)
PRISINTÁ, PRISINTAT Presentare, -si present
PRISINTUS adj. (L. praesumptuosus, presumptuous) Presuntuoso adj. Presumptuous, cocky
PRISUTT m. (L. prae, before + ex, out + sugere, to suck = to dry to extracting the liquid) Prosciutto m. Prosciutto, Italian ham
PROBLEM m. (Gr. problema, problem) Problema m. Problem
PROCESS m. (L. processus, advancement, progress) (judicial) Processo m. Process
PROCUR f. (L. procurare, to manage) Procura f. Power of attorney
PRONT adj. (L. promptus, ready) Pronto adj. Ready
PROP(IE) adj. (L. proprius, own) Proprio adj. Own, proper
PROPOS(I)T m. (L. proponere, to propose) a proposit, bytheway Proposito m. Purpose
PROPOST f. Proposta f. Proposal
PROSS(I)M adj. (L. proximus, next) Prossimo adj. Next
PROV f. (L. probare, to prove) Prova f. Proof
PROVERB(IE) (L. proverbium, proverb) Proverbio m. Proverb
PRUIBÌ, PRUIBIT (L. prohibere, to hinder, to prevent) Proibire Forbid, prohibit
PRUMET, PRUMISS (L. promittere, to promise) Promettere Promise
PRUTEGG, PRUTETT (L. protegere, to protect, to shelter) Proteggere Protect
PRUVÁ, PRUVAT (L. probare, to try) Provare Try, try out
PRUVINC f. (L. provincia, province) Provincia f. Province
PUAL m., pl. PIEL (L. palus, stick) Palo m. Pole, stick
PUAL(IE) m. also PAL(IE) Palio m. Palio
PUALM m. Palmo m. Palm (of hand)
PUANN m. (L. pannus, woven cloth, rag) Panno m. Cloth
PUAR m. (L. par, pair) Paio m. Pair
PUASS m., pl. PIESS (L. passus, step, pace) fa nu puass, to take a walk Passo m. Step, pace
PUASS(E)R m. (L. passer, sparrow) Passero m. Sparrow
PUATR m. (L. pater, father) Padre m. Father
PUBBLICH adj. (L. publicus, public) Pubblico adj. Public
PUET m. also POET (L. poeta, poet) Poeta m. Poet
PULÌ, PULIT (L. polire, to polish) Pulire Clean
PULM(I)NIT f. (L. pulmo, pulmonis, lung) Polmonite f. Pneumonia
PULMON m., pl. PULMUN (L. pulmo, lung) Polmone m. Lung
PULZ m. Polso m. Wrist
PULZINETT m. Casseruola (con lungo manico) Pot (with a long handle)
PUNT m. (L. punctum, point) met lu punt, to sew Punto m. Point, sewing
PUNTILL m. (L. punctum, point) Scalpello m. (per lavorare la pietra) Chisel (to work the stone)
PUNTIN f. (L. punctum, point) Chiodino m., punta f. Brad
PUNTUAL adj. (L. punctum, point) Puntuale adj. Punctual
PUORCH m. (L. porcus, pig) Porco m., maiale m. Pig
PUORR m. (L. porrum, leek) Porro m. Leek
PUOST m. (L. ponere, positus, to place) Posto m. Place, work, position, job
PUP f. (L. pupa, doll) Pupa f. Doll
PUR adj. (L. purus, pure) Puro adj. Pure
PUR adv. (L. pure, simply) Pure adv. Also
PURCHITT m. Porcellino m. Pig (little)
PURGH f. (L. purgare, to clean) Purga f. Laxative
PURTÁ, PURTAT (L. portare, to carry) Portare Bring, carry
PUSATUR m. (L. posare, to place) Posatoio m. Stop, stopping place (usually a wall where women could unload or loac what they carried on their heads, a resting place on a country road)
PUSTIER m. Postino m. Mailman
PUTÁ, PUTAT (L. putare, to trim, to prune) Potare Prune
PUTÉ, PUTUT (L. posse, to be able to) Potere Be able
PUTECH f. (Gr. apotheke, deposit) Bottega f. Shop
PUVIRIELL adj. Povero adj., poverello Poor
PUZZ m. (L. puteus, well) Pozzo m. Well
PUZZUÁ, PUZZUAT (L. putere, to stink) Puzzare Stink