O(HIE) interj. Ahi interj. Ouch
O(N)GN f. (L. unguis, nail) Unghia f. Nail
OBBLICH m. (L. obligare, to tie up) Obbligo m. Obligation
OCC f. (L. gutta, drop) Goccia f. Drop
OCCUPÁ, OCCUPAT (L. occupare, to occupy, siege) Occupare Occupy, take
OD(IE) m. (L. odium, hatred) Odio m. Hatred
OFFERT f. (L. offerre, to offer) Offerta f. Offering
OGL(IE) f. Giunco m. Rush (flat blade)
OGN adj. (L. omnis, all, every) Ogni adj. Each, every
OGN, UNT (L. ungere, to anoint) Ungere Oil
OGNUN pr. (L. omnis, each + unus, one) Ognuno pr. Each one
OL(I)P f. (L. vulpes, fox) Volpe f. Fox
OM m. (L. homo, man) Uomo m. Man
OMBR f. (L. umbra, shadow) Ombra f., spettro m. Shadow, ghost
ON f. Gonna f. Dress
ONEST adj. also UNEST (L. honestus, respected) Onesto adj. Honest
ONOR m. (L. honor, honor) Onore m. Honor
OPERA f. also OPR (L. opera, work) Opera f. Work
OPERA(IE) m. (L. operari, to work) Operaio m. Worker
OR f. (L. hora, hour) Ora f. Hour
OR m. (L. aurum, gold) Oro m. Gold
ORAR(IE) m. Orario m. Time, time schedule
ORCH m. (L. Orcus, god of the underworld) Orco m. Ogre
ORD(I)N m. (L. ordo, ordinis, order) Ordine m. Order
ORF(A)N adj. (Gr. orphanos, orphan) Orfano adj. Orphan
OST(IE) f. (L. hostia, Host, victim) Ostia f. Host
OTT adj. (L. octo, eight) Otto adj. Eight
OTT(I)CIENT adj. (L. octingenti, eight hundred) Ottocento adj. Eight hundred
OTTAV adj. (L. octavus, eighth) Ottavo adj. Eighth
OTTOBBR m. (L. october, October) Ottobre m. October